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30 yrs Experience

We have over 30 yrs of experience servicing the music and educational industry

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We aim to please all our customers with great service, we stand behind our service.

What we do

What we do We are school board accredited, Check out our work and Client base

About UsMeet Mikhail Sherman


Born in the USSR, Mikhail grew up with a love of music in a country famed with great classical musicians. After serving time in the army and playing for the military band, Mikhail went on to become the principle clarinet and saxophone player for the famed Moscow state circus city of Lvov, for 7 years.

In 1979 Mikhail Left and came to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to pursue more opportunities. It was here that he met Frank Fermosi and Rocco Nufrio the owners of then successful, “Saxophone shop”. They quickly spotted Mikhail's love for music and keen ability to learn quickly the ability to repair instruments. They offered him a job and training, which he quickly excelled!

In 1986 Mikhail decided he would open his own shop on, 3856 Chesswood Dr. Toronto, and with little in his pocket started what was to become one of the most successful repair shops in Canada. Servicing the educational system and many top professional. To this day he remains the consummate professional and craftsman that has many of the great musicians and educational institutes asking for his expertise. A True rags to riches story.

Mikhail's old school craftsmanship and dedication to providing the best service has never left him and after 30 years in business he still has the same passion for his work. Conn-Selmer and Yamaha saw this and offered him to become and Authorized Dealer for there product line. Today Mikhail is the top man for brass and woodwind repairs, offering 24 hr emergency services for those in need of it.

Mikhail is School board accredited, So if you are in the market for a new instrument or need repair of one, there is no better person to see then Mikhail Sherman. Come see why the best in the business come to him !


WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING“We bring years of experience and service to every work we do"

“As an adult coming late to the clarinet, I am painfully aware of my failings that prevent me from making the music I hear in my head.
By pure good luck, I was introduced early to Mikhail, and the joy of holding beautiful instruments (chosen by him) in my hand capable of making wonderful sounds is entirely because of him. I take my clarinets in and he magically transforms them. I no longer allow anybody else to touch them, and the added pleasure of a musical maestro with charisma makes each encounter special.”  ~David Ludwin MBBCh FRCPC FACP FRCP(London) Professor Emeritus of Medicine McMaster University

“I am a high School Music Director with The TCDSB. I have been very fortunate to have Mikhail Sherman as our repairman for the last 28 years. Michael not only services our school instruments , he also services my personal instruments. Michael  provides a quick , reliable, and professional service with extreme attention to detail. All it takes is one call and he is there to take care of all your brass, and woodwind repairs, instrument sales , and accessories. If you have not tried Mikhail Sherman Music Services you are missing out on a truly remarkable experience. Don't delay give him a call , you will thank yourself later!!”  ~Enrico Galante Director Of Music Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic Secondary School

“Mikhail Sherman is the best technician I have found in my thirty-one year career of teaching instrumental music. He pays very close attention to detail and his service turnaround time is usually faster than I expect. I have had him rebuild and modify my own instruments as well and am always pleased with the results. His work with trombones, for example, is so good, the slides are usually falling off when he returns them and I have to caution them to always remember to lock their slides." ~Carla J. Silver Roméo Dallaire P.S. - Enseignante des beaux arts 

“I would like to thank Michael for fixing my trumpet. I previously took it to one of the large music stores in toronto and after having it for 1 week they told me they were unable to fix it. It took Michael no more than 5 minutes to fix. This man knows his stuff!!!!! I will be going to him for all my musical instrument repairs from now on!! ~ Dianna Keatings

I have been working with Mikhail Sherman for over 10 years. He performs repairs and maintenance of all my of school band instruments. I have also bought used and brand new instruments from him. Everything is of good quality and working perfectly.
He provides excellent service. He is always very quick on instruments’ pick-up and delivery, always completes work efficiently and on time, which is especially crucial before the performances. He is very knowledgeable, reliable and professional.
I highly recommend his service. " ~S. Polyanovsky,Music Teacher, TDSB

We’ve been taking our instruments to Mikhail Sherman for about 20 years. In that time he has always impressed us with his service and efforts to provide the most excellent workmanship and fair pricing. Finances are always of concern working within the school system and Mikhail has kept his eyes open for deals that often made out budget goals possible. Mikhail has worked for an array of top professional musicians, and being an accomplished player himself, he understands what musicians need to perform at their best. We also take our own personal instruments in to him for overhaul and are delighted with the improvements. Toronto is a long way for us to go from Stoney Creek…but it’s worth it. " ~Wendy and David Young - O.P.S.S.

“ I consider it a privilege to be asked to write this review. I have known Michael Sherman for about 30 years. He is a great clarinet technician - very knowledgeable, always reliable. Truly the very best of the best. Always on time - even if he has to work extra hours. He loves his work - it is not a job, but a passion for him. In fact I trust my instruments only with Michael and I never have to tell him what to do. He really knows because he is an accomplished clarinetist himself. Over the years we became good friends - he us one of the most generous and trustworthy people I have ever met. I write recommendations quite often but never like this. Please consider it "a rave review" of Michael's professional capabilities and character!  ~Julian Milkis

“ Mikhail Sherman is a master instrument technician who has been performing meticulous repair work and overhauls on my horns for a number of years now. His service is always outstanding and he has accommodated me quickly on a couple of short notice distress calls. He is also a fine clarinetist!  ~Charlie Bell

“ Mikhail Sherman has been looking after my repairs and instrument needs for over 30 years. There is no one more knowledgeable in the repair of woodwind instruments than Mikhail - he is the only one that I trust my instruments to! If you want your work done expertly and with care I highly recommend Mikhail Sherman!" ~Mark Thompson,performer and music educator